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Hopefully this site will take you on a tour of my wonderful Somali cats.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Emma Watts;

I live with my husband Sean, 1 Maine Coon & 8 Somalis.

It all started back in 1987, when living with my parents and wanting a kitten, I went to see a litter of Somali kittens. It was love at first sight, the elegance of the adult Somali was breathtaking, from this litter of kittens I purchased my first Somali, MANOT GERONIMO (Mo), a Usual male. Mo was just a delight and was joined a year later by MANOT FOXY FANTASY (Twit), a Usual female. Six months after Twit joined us, a few shows and a lot of careful consideration and talking to other breeders, I decided that breeding Somalis was for me. Next was to apply for my prefix EMANAN. This came about as a mixture of my name and my mothers, Ann, So it should have been Em And Ann, but we dropped the D, and hey presto EM AN AN. I have had many years of joy & success but also sadness & losses, but after 18 years of breeding, showing and being on the Somali Cat Club committee, I have owned and still do have the most wonderful cats in my eyes. Hopefully this site will lead you on a grand tour of



Somali kittens sometimes available for sale, to wonderful loving homes,

see the kitten page for details


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